Garland Votes Yes to Arial Spraying

Tuesday, August 14, 6:27 pm

We just got back from the Garland Emergency City Council Meeting. We'd like to thank everyone who came out to support the campaign. Everybody that spoke out against the spraying did so in an intelligent manner. The few the spoke out for the spraying did not have any compelling arguments. One man did talk about his mother who is very sick and in a coma from West Nile. He was mad the spraying had not started sooner. We feel for him but do not agree that spraying would have prevented his mother from getting infected. Even the "experts" that spoke at the meeting said aerial spraying is not very effective. It is inconceivable how they could vote for it after hearing all of that.

More details from the meeting to follow.

Please come to the Dallas City Council Meeting tomorrow! There may not be any speaking spots left but we need the support from your attendance!