Shouldn't be surprised--Dallas can't keep it's citizens apprised of the situation

Friday, August 17, 4:36 pm

I don't know how Dallas thought it could keep its citizens informed of their poison spray plans when they couldn't even do something simple like educate the public on preventing mosquitoes and personal protection. They are not updating their own website! or but even that has conflicting info. I have no idea when or where is getting sprayed tonight. It seems like my neighborhood will be sprayed tonight because according to this map, I wasn't last night due to the rain. Good luck reading it. It was on city hall's facebook page...but not on their website.

Also, what I want to know is why are they starting to spray so early?! 9:00pm is too early! Many people are not home at 9:00! Especially on a Friday night! Honeybees are not in their hives! At both the Garland and Dallas City Hall Briefings, we were told the spraying would happen in the middle of the night. Since when is 9:00 pm the middle of the night?!

Here are two videos I shot last night showing that honeybees are not in their hive that early.

This was 8:12 pm. If I'm to get them ready by 9:00, I have to start that early. But I was unable to because they were still very active! 

This is the hive after I covered them just after 9. I don't know how I'm going to get it done tonight before the planes start to bomb us.

This morning I found some dead bees outside of their tent. So either the city lied and there is drift and/or the company doesn't have an idea of where they sprayed, or the bees left early this morning to forage, came into contact with poisoned flowers and/or water, and died on their way home.

This operation is being completely mismanaged. The city clearly doesn't consider us important. Make your voice heard and email your city council and mayor. Also include the link to the petition to show how much it's growing!